December 11, 2015

Kit Kat time!

Hello, today we're talking Kit Kats!

It's a special day because I've passed the 40 mark on Kit Kats sampled!

First is Sweet Potato:

It's recommended that you bake this Kit Kat which I did but not before trying it pre-baked.  When baked it loses a lot of it sweet potato flavor for some odd reason as the sweet potato flavor was stronger before baking.  It was good baked though, so you can decide what to do with these if you can still find them.

Here is Premium Hazelnut:

Oh my was this delicious!  One of the most delicious Kit Kats I've ever had.  Even one of my coworkers was so surprised by how yummy this was.

Next, two special Kit Kits from the Chocolatory store in Tokyo Station which my wonderful husband bought for me.

Pictured you see Orange Cocktail Noir and Butter. 

Now the butter was good.  I'm not so sure it tasted like butter.  Maybe butter you've mixed with sugar when you're baking cookies or something.

The Orange Cocktail Noir had a very strong flavor, very strong orange and very strong dark.  It was okay, not my favorite.

Here's the list:
  1. Cheese
  2. Bitter Almond
  3. Ramune 
  4. Berry Pomegranate
  5. Apple Vinegar
  6. Peach
  7. Green Tea
  8. Tiramisu
  9. Wasabi
  10. Vanilla
  11. Sakura Matcha
  12. Strawberry
  13. Raspberry
  14. Vanilla Ice 
  15. Caramel
  16. Pumpkin Pudding
  17. White
  18. Cinnamon
  19. Citrus
  20. Japanese Chili
  21. Blueberry Cheesecake
  22. Purple Sweet Potato
  23. Rum Raisin
  24. Brown Sugar Syrup
  25. Orange
  26. Hazelnut
  27. Condensed Milk Strawberry
  28. Passion Fruit 
  29. Strawberry Cheesecake
  30. Baked Kit Kats 
  31. Hokkaido Red Bean
  32. Orange Peel
  33. Kobe Pudding
  34. Dark
  35. Apple
  36. Red Bean Sandwich
  37. Cheesecake 
  38. Cookies & Cream
  39. Chocolate Mint Ice 
  40. Sweet Potato
  41. Premium Hazelnut 
  42. Butter
  43. Orange Cocktail Noir

December 10, 2015

Lipton Tea...

Hi folks!  I'm writing to you from a cold and rainy December day in Tokyo.  No worries though because it's my day off so I've got a heating pad on my back and I'm drinking hot tea and sitting under the covers.

Meanwhile, let's talk about some cold teas.

First, I tried White Peach Mix Tea:

It was okay.  I really felt that the grape flavor was way too overpowering.

Next is from the Premium Series.  Generally, I tend to dislike the Premium Series, but this one is an exception.  Chocolat Milk Tea:

If you really love tea forget it, this tastes exactly like chocolate milk although I read the ingredients, and it does have tea in it.  It's so yummy.  If you're in Japan now, pick this up for sure!

The list:  

  1. Milk Tea
  2. Maple Milk Tea
  3. Lemon Tea
  4. Peach Tea
  5. Earl Grey Milk Tea
  6. Green Apple Tea
  7. 50/50 Tea & Lemonade
  8. Tropical Fruit Tea
  9. Chamomile Citrus Tea
  10. Roast Milk Tea
  11. Jasmine Lemon Peel
  12. Grape Tea
  13. Straight Tea
  14. Apple Tea
  15. 50/50 Tea & Fruit Punch
  16. Matcha Milk
  17. Tea Cappuccino
  18. Mikan Tea
  19. 50/50 Tea & Nectar
  20. Luxurious Milk Tea
  21. Muscat Tea
  22. Plum Honey
  23. Cream Milk Tea 
  24. Grapefruit Tea
  25. Orange Marmalade Tea 
  26. Royal Milk Tea
  27. Golden Pineapple Tea
  28. Italian Fruit Punch Tea
  29. Honey Milk Tea
  30. Green Apple with Honey
  31. Thailand Lychee Tea
  32. Sweetened Condensed Milk Tea 
  33. Turkey Apricot Tea
  34. Milk Caramel Tea
  35. Navel Orange Tea
  36. French Pear & Apple Tea
  37. Creamy Milk Tea
  38. American Tea Lemonade
  39. Hojicha Latte
  40. Gold Kiwi Tea
  41. Bitter Caramel Tea Latte
  42. Green Tea & Muscat
  43. Green Tea & Peach
  44. Extra Black Tea Latte 
  45. Green Tea & Citrus:
  46. Caramel Tea Latte
  47. Peach & Mango
  48. Mixed Berries Milk Tea 
  49. Lychee Tea
  50. Winter Tea Punch
  51. Winter Tea Latte
  52. Earl Grey Orange Tea 
  53. White Tea Latte
  54. Hyuganatsu Tea
  55. Lychee Mix Tea
  56. Royal Tea Latte
  57. Green Fruits Tea
  58. Wanashi Tea 
  59. Pineapple Mix Tea
  60. Apricot Mix Tea 
  61. Sweet Pumpkin Tea Latte 
  62. White Peach Mix Tea
  63.  Chocolat Milk Tea
The Top Five:
  1. OG Milk Tea
  2. Green Tea & Peach
  3. 50/50 Tea Lemonade
  4. 50/50 Tea & Fruit Punch
  5. Peach & Mango