April 24, 2014

Kit Kat time!

Boy Japan certainly has been lagging with its Kit Kat flavors.  Hardly any new Kit Kats have graced the shelves these days.  I was able to try two new flavors.

First is Strawberry Cheesecake:

This was just okay.  Not the best I've ever had.

Next this one just came out, Baked Kit Kats:

Holy crap who thought of these?!?!?  Put a Kit Kat in the oven and char it until it looks like this:

And oh my yummy amazing goodness.  Definitely a favorite of mine.
  1. Cheese
  2. Almond
  3. Ramune 
  4. Berry Pomegranate
  5. Apple Vinegar
  6. Peach
  7. Green Tea
  8. Tiramisu
  9. Wasabi
  10. Vanilla
  11. Sakura Matcha
  12. Strawberry
  13. Raspberry
  14. Vanilla Ice 
  15. Caramel
  16. Pumpkin Pudding
  17. Cookies and Cream
  18. Cinnamon
  19. Citrus
  20. Japanese Chili
  21. Blueberry Cheesecake
  22. Purple Sweet Potato
  23. Rum Raisin
  24. Brown Sugar Syrup
  25. Orange
  26. Hazelnut
  27. Condensed Milk Strawberry
  28. Passion Fruit 
  29. Strawberry Cheesecake
  30. Baked Kit Kats
So it's a banner day.  I've tried 30 Kit Kat flavors!  What an interesting group of flavors!  Here's to 30 more Kit Kats!

April 18, 2014

A vegetarian foodie in Japan...

Wow!  I've been too busy with my new life that I haven't had a chance to update.  So so sorry about that!  I've made some things that I've forgotten to photograph but I'll post the recipes anyway.

I made the best breakfast ever:

This French toast sandwich is super delicious!  You must try it!  I made mine with homemade French toast because we don't have instant and, well, it's better.

I made my guac:

I made this yummy sandwich:

Quite tasty!

I made this bean salad and this pasta salad both without photos, but both I recommend!

In Adventures in Dining, I found a local Indian joint.  Quite delicious:

I tried Starbucks' Lemon Creme Frapp (it was just okay):

And I had some super tasty お好み焼き:

That's it!  Happy eating!