March 30, 2012

Rough week...

This week was rough and got more turbulent toward the end.  I am just glad the weekend is here.  Tomorrow, Sea and I are painting.  Maybe I'll post some pics later.  Ugh painting.  Anyway, I think this week had its ups and downs fashion wise.  My hair is going through a transformation.  I decided to grow out my bangs but not like grow to length.  Just a different style of bangs.  I really enjoy having bangs and I enjoy my bangs now but it's a lot of maintenance and also I would like a change.

Anyway, on with the fashion.


Love this outfit!  Top & pants Colleen collection (Target), boots Kohl's.


I cropped out my head because my hair was so awful that I took it out in the car.  Ugh.  Top Uniqlo, pants Goodwill, necklace Forever 21, shoes Kohl's.


The day I brushed my bangs to the side I got like a million compliments.  Shoes Payless, tank H&M, top Apartment Market (Japan), necklace Kohl's.


Shoes & top Japan, tank H&M, necklace Payless and pants Goodwill.

Do we like the hair?  I plan on having it cut to style after it grows out a bit.

I hope you have a nice weekend.  I plan on it by not thinking about this awful week.

March 25, 2012

Oops sorry...

I had all these notions of updating my blog this week, all of which failed.  I would have done it yesterday but I don't know.  I ate some cream cheese that was a bit past expiration and I think that's what made me deathly ill.  I did eat dinner last night but I was fighting, fighting to keep it down.  I thought it was a good idea too look on Pinterest but everyone's pictures of food made me sicker.  I was in bed all night.  I think also earlier that day I way overdid it.  I was running around doing so much stuff and out in the heat without eating and all that just pushed me off the sickness precipice.  Anyway, I am feeling better now but I've decided to take it easy today.  I want to go to Bookman's and sell some more of my books but I think I'll wait and see what the day brings.  I have a terrible headache and my stomach is still iffy.

Anyway, on to what you came here for...the fashion!


On second look, I probably should have worn leggins instead of jeans.  Anyway, dress and shirt from HushHush (Japan), scarf & boots Kohl's, jeans Colleen (Old Navy).


Shirt & pants Target, shoes Charmant (Japan).


I love this dress so much.  I don't love that it's linen and wrinkles when you look at it.  Plus, I hate ironing.  Dress Uniqlo, necklace made by me, leggins & boots Kohl's.


I decided not long after putting it on that I don't really like this sweater.  I just don't like the way it looks/fits.  Jeans Colleen (Target), boots Kohl's, sweater (Colleen) & shirt Target, necklace ????.

I want to end with Kit Kats since I went to Japan and I, of course, had to feed (literally) my Japanese Kit Kat obsession.

Here's what I tried:

You're looking at Strawberry, Sakura Matcha and Vanilla Kit Kats.

First of all, Vanilla beats Cheese as my new favorite flavor.  So delicious!  Sakura Matcha was really good too and Strawberry was just okay.

Here's the ever growing list:

Berry Pomegranate
Apple Vinegar
Green Tea
Sakura Matcha

Brief update on "the freeze."  Greatly resisted Goodwill Sale Day.  The only purchases this weekend were food and gas (necessities).  Good so far.  I'll keep you posted!

I'd like to welcome my new follower: Yunie Gal Circle!  Thanks so much!  I hope you like it here!

I hope you had a nice week and an even nicer weekend.

March 18, 2012

The freeze...

I have some news for my dear readers.  I'm on a "freeze" until the month of June, a shopping freeze.  The truth is (and I'd never admit this to anyone but my 5 readers of this blog) that I do have a lot of clothes.  I have enough clothes.  I don't NEED any clothes so if I were to buy any clothes from now until June they would be clothes I want and not clothes I need.  There are many things I need to do from now until June and my focus will be primarily on those needs and not my wants.  Therefore, I have made a list of things I need to do and buying clothes is not on that list.  Not to worry dear readers!  I will still be featuring outfits creatively pieced together so just don't freak out if you see a top or skirt you've seen before.  My goal is to try to put together new outfit combinations the likes of which you never seen.  So wish me luck!  In both my endeavors!  Creative outfits and no more shopping!

Just so this isn't all jabbber, here are some of my favorite pics from Japan:

I hope your week is starting off fabulously and I hope the rest of it is equally fabulous.

March 17, 2012

A week in fashion (Japan)...

I wore some stuff while I was in Japan. 

I really can't remember the days.

This was before I figured out there was a better mirror in the hall.  Jeans Colleen collection (Old Navy), sweater and boots Kohl's, necklace made by me and tank Colleen (Target).

Sweater Kohl's, dress Uniqlo, jeans Colleen (Old Navy) and shoes Charmant in 109.

Sweater & tank, skirt  Goodwill, legwarmers eBay, tights Icing, necklace Forever 21 and shoes Target.

Jumper, shirt & tights Uniqlo, boots Kohl's.

I hope I was fashionable in Japan!

So tired!

March 13, 2012

Trending now! Live from Japan!

I thought since I'm here (Japan) I thought I'd give you the scoop on what's trendy right now in Japan! 

First, puffy jackets.

I can't say I like this trend but it's everywhere here right now (even on little kids).  This one is not gender specific either.  I will not be purchasing a puffy coat because I am certain that they only look good on skinny Japanese girls.  This is what I'd look like:

Not attractive at all.

Next is the trenchcoat which is the other mega fashionable outerwear design. 

I'm super glad I brought my Old Navy (Goodwill find) trench with me.  I'm so in right now.  ;)

Finally (and I've only seen these everywhere in stores and not on a lot of feets) are creepers.

I've been looking for a pair forever and I finally found a black pair (size L) at 109.

I've already worn them on a walk.  I'm gonna wear them again today.  Love!

So that's the scoop on what's trending in Japan right now.  If I notice more trends I'll blog again.  さよなら!

March 10, 2012


I wouldn't be a faithful J-Blogger if I let 3/11/11 go by unnoticed. 

Where were you a year ago?  Do you remember?  I was safe in bed when a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan off the coast close to the city of Sendai.  The devastation was unmatched and many people lost their lives in the destruction.

I was in bed asleep when I was jolted awake at the time the earthquake occured.  I don't claim to have any sort of prophetic powers but I do have a deeply rooted connection to Japan.  So I think (and maybe you think this is crazy) but I think I knew somehow which is why I woke up.  Because I couldn't sleep, I went on Facebook and noticed a couple of my Japanese friends had posted something about an earthquake.  I soon found out how terrible it was and I worried about the friends I had there.  Fortunately, everyone I knew was okay.

A year later I'm on a flight to Japan.  If you asked me if I'd be traveling to Japan in March 2012, I probably would have said "no."  Funny how things change over a year.  This is the most exciting Japan trip I've ever been on.  I know that and I haven't even gone yet!  It will be amazing; I know it will.

When I come back on Friday, I''l update this blog with fashion and shopping and the sights of Tokyo.  I'm so excited!

Meanwhile, you can look at this site which has some amazing pictures.

March 9, 2012

Crazy busy week...

This week has been crazy busy.  It's been nonstop all week and the worst part is that it doesn't end for me until 8:00PM tomorrow.  :/

But then bliss!  Meanwhile, here's my week in fashion.


Dress Colleen collection (Old Navy), leggins Kohl's, shoes Payless.


I love this outfit in so many ways!  Jacket Colleen, jeans Colleen (Levi), boots Kohl's.


Sweater Nine West (Goodwill), jeans Colleen (Old Navy), boots Kohl's.


Tops Colleen, pants Colleen (Target), boots Kohl's.

I hope your week was good. 

Oh by the way, I'm leaving for Japan on Sunday.  :D

March 2, 2012

Weird week...

It was a weird week this week.  I don't like when that happens.  It messes with my fashion!


Feminine hair, masculine outfit.  Shirt Wal-Mart, pants Goodwill, shoes Target.

Tuesday I actually wore a pretty pink sweater and black pants but forgot to photograph it.  :/


My friend, A, said I need a beret.  I have one but not one that would match.  Top Colleen collection (Target), jeans and boots Kohl's, scarf Wal-Mart.


Top made by me, jeans Calvin Klein (Savers) and shoes & necklace Payless.

Now some highlights of my week!

I got 円 (actually last weekend).

I forgot that the 2000円 bill is rare.  Now ask me if I'm going to save it and not spend it.  (The answer would be no).

I got an excellent laptop backpack which I love!

It has so many great compartments and storage for many items!

Yesterday, I went over to the infamous Colleen's and picked up more items from her collection.  She's so sweet!  What excited me the most:

That's nine (count 'em) nine pairs of jeans that fit me perfectly!  I was so happy and excited I loaded up a bunch of old jeans to donate to Goodwill!

So it was a weird week but ended up being a great week!

How was yours?