April 24, 2010

I wore some clothes...

And I've been lazy about posting them.  So here's some recent stuffs.

Glitter tights that didn't rip the first time I wore them!  Woot!

My face in this picture was a big pile of ugg.

I will scowl at you.

Here's the complete hotness outfit.

Got a lot of compliments on this one.

April 22, 2010

Fergie shoes #2...

Don't you love these shoes?  (And their utter practicality!)

I don't know what brand hers are but mine were $24.99.

(Those aren't my feets; they're the model feets.)

Now, for those of you who know what I do (don't mention it), can I wear these to work?  My gut says no which sucks because where else do I go?  What do you think?

April 21, 2010

Fergie shoes...

I think if there's one thing that Fergie knows it's shoes. She has two lines (Fergie and Fergalicious) and the shoes she wears are always amazing.

If you watch the "Imma Be" video, to compliment her silver visor she sports a pair of red soled Christian Louboutin shoes. They sell anywhere from $200 to over $500.

On my meager salary I can barely afford $50 shoes.  I scoured the internet and the cheapest I could find the Christian shoes were $189.  Fuck.  I spent many nites on eBay searching for reproductions in my price range.  I finally found a pair.

These were $44.99.  I win.

(I have Fergie's shoes...now if I only had her body...)

April 18, 2010

Oh I am awesome!

'Member them shooz I showed you yesterday?  They are tricked out now!

To see my inspiration you'll have to watch this video:

April 17, 2010

More shooz...

Who knew?  The shooz I want are the shooz I get.

It's hard to get good pictures of your own feets.  So here's the story.  I had to return something at another store and I stopped at Goodwill on the way home.  It's was 8:30PM so I wasn't expecting to find much and I have been looking for plain black wedgies.  And what do I find?  Plain black wedgies in MY size!  This never happens!  Wait'll you see how I trick out these shooz!  Coming soon...

(Oh BTW, they were $8.)

April 15, 2010

"Imma be the flyest chick."

New Fergie Ferg shooz!  Do I love them?  Yes, yes I do.

It's okay, you can tell me I'm a babe.  ;)