August 26, 2009

I am sick...

I don't NEED any new clothes. I have shopping disease. I'm pretty sure it's been fatal to my bank account (since I don't have credit cards) many times over.

But OMG this shirt is magnificent. "Apocalypse Almighty." What does that even mean? And why is such an ominous phrase colored with smilies? It's so fucking weird!

And "I Need More." Need more what? Cookies? Clothes? Yes.

Weekly wear...

I'm a slacker. However, if more people read this shit it'd motivate me to post more. Come on my readers! Where are you? *chirp chirp*

I love my Fergie shoes. Pink star top from Japan.

My 80s revival meets J-Style look. Evangelion Aska shirt from Japan. (It came in a magazine!)

I got a ton of compliments on this top. It's from Target.

The final picture is me and how damn cute I am. Maybe you should follow my blog.



This is where I've gotten my haircuts for years. Yeah, I love Japan. It's undeniable but I tell my stylists that many Japanese girls have hair much similar to mine. It's thin and super straight so it's easier for me to find styles. It's also easier to find face shapes similar to mine on this site. So that's why I've been using it forever.

I'm getting cut tomorrow. Here's what I picked out. Now my hair's not that long and I'm gonna have her cut about an inch off the bottom but you get the idea:

I can't wait to have my bangs back. Ugh my hair grow so fast!

August 17, 2009

Don't mess with me...

For two reasons.

One, apparently I never smile when I do my hair like this.

Two, this outfit makes me look like I have linebacker shoulders.

Don't mess with me.
I tried on the stripey shirt in Japan and then I saw that they had the cream sweater on a display with my stripey shirt. It was the only one left and it looked so good I took it off the display. Go Japan!

August 15, 2009

Here's what I wore this week...

Aside from repeat outfits you have already seen this is what I wore this week:

If I look jaded it's because THREE people tried to take my picture with my phone before it would let them. It kept going to video mode. *shrug* Anyway, top from Japan. (Way to take off your badge.)

Top from Japan. And if I look kinda smug in this one it's because the outfit makes me look skinny! Yay!

August 9, 2009

I wish I had more readers...

This can't be good for my self esteem.

Anyway, wore this the other day and I love lookin' long-legged!