July 20, 2009


I love Dove products. More importantly I love Dove products from Japan.

This is my collection from Japan:

The blue one is from 2007. It's the standard smelling body wash so I've just been refilling it with its American counterpart. The only problem is Japan is a very refill friendly country and America no so much.

The orange ones are new this year and I looked all over Japan...literally until I finally found them in a drug store in Osaka. They smell so yummy and I'm going to be very sad when they're gone since we don't have them here. Jenn discerned that the stand up tube is a make-up removing face wash but I think the foam is also a face wash since that's how the magazine ad demonstrates it.

July 17, 2009


I got to prance around in a *J-Style* outfit before climbing into vintage for tonite. So here's the truth...I love the vintage look but it's a lot of work. MY superstraight hair usually loses curls and a good 90% of the shoes that go with my vintage clothing are cute but so painful (why I keep slippers at work). Anyway, to me J-Style seems so effortless.

So, I wore this today:

I tried a new hairstyle today from a Japanese magazine I picked up while in Japan. I shoulda taken a close up. I thought it was cute. The good news is our local Japanese market Fujiya sells magazines so maybe closer to September I can pick up some new issues. :)

Dress and shoes from Japan. Sweater was $6.80 at Kohl's (less with my coupon). Yay coupons!

July 16, 2009

I love Japan!

She bends over. You see her thong. OR DO YOU?

Seriously, I f-ing love Japan.

July 15, 2009

Engrish Part 2...

Well, I go the ab fab shirt this week and I wore it today.

And Jenn cut off my feets in this pic but it was the best of three. Regardless I f-ing love these shoes! Despite what you may think they don't hurt my feets at all.

Tomorrow I get to use my Kohl's coupon! Oh yeah!

July 12, 2009

Party wear!

According to Japanese fashion magazines you have to wear some kind of heel or platform with even the most casual of outfits so that's what I did. :)

Top and hoodie from Japan. The top is in wonderful Engrish. It says "Making us hilarious, shine me like the sun."

Bad news, I got ANOTHER $10 off coupon from Kohl's. I'm being FORCED to shop people!

July 10, 2009


Here's what I wore today to Fujiya & Kabuki. I left the picture large in case anyone wants to take a stab at what it says. Jenn, of course, got it. It's from J-List. The skirt is from Kohl's and those are the Fergalicious shoes (which I love) I posted about a while back.

Hooray for looking skinny in photos!

July 5, 2009


I love Engrish. I do. I amassed a decent collection while in Japan. Kyle has the best pic of my favorite one. Maybe someday I can show you if he ever posts his pics. Grr...

Meanwhile, I just bought this for $12!

I don't even know what it's saying!

July 2, 2009

J-Style meets geekery!

I went to see Transformers today. I wore this:

There's really a perfectly reasonable explanation for this massive display of geekery. When I saw the OG Transformers I wore a dress I had made so I thought it'd be cute to snap a photo of me in this vintage dress with my ticket stub. This is just an ode to that photo.

So thanks to Japanese magazines I was brave enough to wear a lighter sweater with a black tank. I don't think I would have ever done that otherwise. Hooray for new fashion avenues!

I think my sweater (from Kohl's) is reminiscent of these from Ryu Ryu and More:


July 1, 2009

Come on Monsoon Season!

Today was overcast and only 99 when I left this afternoon which made me feel good about wearing this:

I am always apprehensive about wearing this style of top. I'm not the world's thinnest chick and I'm always afraid that they'll make me look preggers when I'm def not!

Top and shoes from Japan, leggins from Kohl's and tank from Target.

So what do we think?